Tertarik mengembangkan kekuatan bawah sadar agar lbh powerfull?
Tertarik memanfaatkan kekuatan bawah sadar utk melejitkan bakat yang lama terpendam? Tertarik mengoptimalkan kekuatan bawah sadar utk membantu orang lain?

.: Hafid Algristian’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification Programs (IBH certified) :.

1. Fundamental Hypnotherapy, 8 hours program, IDR 2,5jt…
– Knowing hypnotherapy,
– Rapport-based interview,
– Client-centerred therapy,
– Suggestibility test in creating trance,
– Learning various way of induction-deepening-suggestion-termination, – Davis husband scale in trance,
– Uncovering stage/waking hypnosis.

2. Advance Hypnotherapy, 8 hours program, IDR 2,5jt…
– Massive technique in induction-deepening-suggestion-termination (extended version), – Erickssonian Approach:
a. Learning hypnotic language in daily practice,
b. Handling objection with client,
c. Creating trance for “hard” person.

– Special bonuses*:
a. Astral Projection,
b. Past Life Regression,
c. Hypno-meditation.

Apply for two certification,
for just IDR 3,5jt..!

Class will be started
per minimum 14 trainee.

Special discount for early bird!
Just wait for our next announcement!

To your success,
dr. Hafid Algristian, CHt., CI
-Psychiatry Resident, Family Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor from IBH, Certified S-EFT Trainer from LoGOS Institute.